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Not just Fantasy

Text, Musik u. copyright: Lothar Stövesandt


Want to sing a new song for you

Want to give my heart to you

To feel you near is not just fantasy


Want to live my life within you

On my way to look for you

To see you here is not just fantasy


In this darkness love to see your light

Peace inside me lasts through day and night


I see its not too hard to love you

Truth is love first came from you

To feel you near is not just fantasy

Those who do not love don’t know you

You are love so love is you

You by my side is not just fantasy


Freedom is to live with you inside

Peace is to be watched by you at night


You sent your son to take us by the hand

To lead us through till we’re together with you


To walk with him is the only way to meet you

To look at him means learning what to do

All the treasures we may ever look for

We will find by walking through his door


Loneliness won’t work inside you

Happiness and joy are you

Love is here it’s not just fantasy

Life means finding Jesus in you

Every lover fits in you

All are one and that’s no fantasy


What we get is everlasting life

No more pain no sorrow no more strife

Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!


Father may your name be hallowed

Your kingdom come 

Your will be done

Feel our yearning

Let your love flow on


Let your son come back as promised

Teaching us your way of peace

Believing this is not just fantasy 


Coming with the clouds for all to see

Be our King and set this Planet free.