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Text, Musik u. copyright: Lothar Stövesandt


Reborn in the sunrise a day to begin

Looked out for a life and a meaning within

Walked over bridges left people behind

A loner for freeing his mind


A mind filled with words from the folks that I knew

Who spoke their clichés - it was all they could do

I grew up in a prison with no way to go

Every decision sounds “no”


Somebody came told of a door

far in the distance that I’ld have to look for

Another one came, told me the law

built up walls on ev’ry way that I saw

To keep me from walking and looking out for more


I’m searching the day but don’t know what to find

How can I expect to discern when I‘m blind

I grope for a something  know not what it may be

Sensing what eyes cannot see


When you say you’ve got nothing don’t be that sure

With a mind filled with wond’ring you’re not really poor

Take off for a flight through the spirit above

Find out what it means: he is love


Don’t wanna hear what anyone says

Though he who knows maybe seeing but I guess

There must be a way for a loner like me

Footsteps of someone that they cannot see

Nor do I I’m walking inspiredly


I’m walking ahead get a light in my eye

I touch the horizon feels as if I could fly

People I find there are feeling like me

We learn from each other to see

Just being is the way to be free