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Free God

Text, Musik u. copyright: Lothar Stövesandt


Free God, get him out of prison

He is much too great for your tiny mind

Let him go his way


Look out where he walks and follow

In his footsteps see what you will find

Free God

And free yourself


Free God take him off religion

There’s too much wisdom to be put in jail

And so it goes for love

More truth when we get the spirit

This blessing wind will swell your sail


Free God

And free yourself

Put out to sea

maybe new visions are your first step to be free 


Free God just to free your own mind

He’s not the one from your fairy tales

He won’t speak your mind

Free God find a new direction

And leave your old man far behind


Free God it’s your own decision

To turn the key from your comfort zone

And to step outside

To look for an old prevision

And shape your future in this light


Free God

free yourself

Don’t be that shy

Let your mind grow into space your spirit fly


Find out there’s no need to free him

It’s just the idol in your eyes

You have got to burn

The smoke of that burning victim

Will bear away all pious lies


Free yourself and pay the price

Pay the price,

To give yourself will be the only sacrifice